“Knowing who one is, in the sense of what makes you tick, and then finding those places or those mechanisms that accentuate your passion, then as an artist you can start to play with it like theatre. It becomes a set; you’ve got the weather and the climate which create the dimensions of theatre, and then you transfer all that back into painting” Michelle Collocott

In 1968 Michelle described her art, “Sensitised expressions of emotion towards nature”.

All quotes from Michelle are taken from an interview with Steven Miller 2009. Steven Miller is Head Library Services, Art Gallery of New South Wales.

Sydney-born Ms Michelle Collocott (née Martin Francis Collocott) created work that was shortlisted for the prestigious Wynne Art Prize at the Art Gallery of NSW (1969, 1970 and 1980).

Latest exhibition was at the Bathurst Regional Gallery showing Three Ponds. For the past decade, Ms Collocott, 73, has diligently recorded Three Ponds’ seasonal changes through photographs, newspaper clippings, journal notes and sketches.

“I’m interested in climate, the shapes and shadows of the land, animals, fence-lines, textures, oscillations of colour,” she said. “My works are like musical instruments, each with a significant part to play.”


Michelle’s latest work can be seen at the 314 Abercrombie  Gallery.