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IN & BETWEEN Solo Exhibition OPENING THURS 4 May 6pm CATHERIN BENNETT 2 May - 13 May 2023

314Abercrombie Gallery is excited to present ‘In & Between’ by Sydney artist, Catherin Bennett, at 314 Abercrombie Street, Darlington, NSW from Tuesday 2 May until Saturday 13 May 2023.
With passion, energy, and ingenuity, Catherin’s second solo exhibition explores identity, love, and nature’s magical power. Comprising contemporary figurative and abstract works, Catherin combines traditional mediums with unique surfaces and techniques, including recycled and salvaged items.

“The artworks within this collection have evolved organically as I found unique items for my surfaces, including a huge old machine board and even a set of antique French doors”, said Catherin. “I let each story rise out of the surface to express how we live between boundaries, adding wires to hook pieces together so we can see the ‘between.’ I wanted to see the shadows on the wall in the between”, she added.

Catherin’s experience in corporate marketing and communications also enables her to bring each work to life through her unique creative ability to tell stories. This collection evokes emotions about our struggles with life and death (Lead Me Home, Man Between, Spirits’ Tree), identity and sexuality (Bed of Roses, Non-Binary), the passage of time, love and loss through love stories (The Navigator, Juliette), and the magic (Moira, Wonderland, Beanstalk, Narnia, Reach, Golden Dragon) energy and abundance in our natural world (Between Land and Sea, The Source, The Race).

Descending from a family of artists who emigrated from Europe in the 1940s, Catherin fondly remembers watching her Hungarian Grandmother paint and sketch and the strong aroma of oil paints and turpentine. Having studied and practiced art since a young age, and now undertaking further studies in Fine Art with Curtin University, Catherin’s passion and dedication shine through this unique collection.
“We exist within and between spaces. Regardless of the passage of time, the interrelationship of all things influences us. Yet, our connection to self, one another and nature must navigate boundaries.” This solo exhibition by Sydney Artist, Catherin Bennett, is about this connection and how we may be limited by them or strengthened and freed.
A VIP preview night and artist talk for media, galleries, and private collectors will be held on Tuesday, 2 May from 6-8 pm RSVP required RSVP BOOKINGS: VIP Preview Night 2 May 2023

A series of events will accompany ‘In & Between’, including the Opening Night on Thursday 4 May from 6-8 pm, Artist Talk on Saturday, 6 May at 2 pm, Drawing workshops Sunday, 7 May and Saturday, 12 May, from 3 to 4:30 pm. Stay tuned via CX2Art website and social media for further details.

High-resolution images can be downloaded here: CX2Art Shared Images Google Drive

Event Details: Dates: 2 to 12 May 2023. Open Tuesday to Sunday, 10 – 6 pm or by appointment. Location: 314 Abercrombie Street, Darlington, NSW, 2008.

Cost: All works on display are for sale except for the artist’s self-portrait.

For more information, please contact Catherin Bennett, CX2Art. e: catb@cx2art.com w: www.cx2art.com