This was written in 2019 – How life has changed

The position of small to mid-sized galleries in the worlds major art centres grows  more precarious  in art hubs like New York City, London and Sydney as rising rents and a relentless schedule of expensive art fairs make it hard for smaller operations to compete with global mega-galleries. Yet here we are show casing  contemporary artists in a small relaxed and very friendly gallery. We are passionate about our community and the work we exhibit.

Art is a reflection of the community from which it comes, and to a very significant extent, the vitality of small and local galleries  show art which reflects our localised experiences and which makes art meaningful and accessible to our community. Small galleries like ours operate to give creative expression to the expectations, experiences and identity of our local area by supporting local artists and introducing new and innovative  art expressions.

People are time poor for this reason you can make an appointment outside our advertised operating hours for a time that would suit you. You can also view our Stock Room catalogue that upon your request we can make accessible for viewing.  Click here to contact us

How life has changed-

and now we are closed. Closed for the forseeable future until it is safe to open. We are planning to have an exhibition in Novermber. So until then, stay safe. We will put the details up closer to the date.