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synthetic polymer
synthetic polymer
Freedom Landscape

Stefan Kater Artist Statement/CV by gallerist Trish Leen

Stefan Kater graduated from the National Art School. He painted with skill and inspiration, learning from the giants of history in the art world. His favorite is Van Gough. Stefan has always been able to capture movement and depth in his paintings.

Stefan stopped painting following the death of his partner, the love of his life, and went on a journey of grieving. He made highly innovative videos and took amazing photographs that he only shared with closest friends.

The expanding digital world had a profound influence on his paintings.

Stefan has emerged as a Z Artist. What is a Z Artist? The Z artist has emerged from the creations experienced by Generation Zoom. Born after 1996, Generation Zoom was raised on computers, learned to see their world as a digitally mediated place; they seek to expand the reach of the realm of beauty they have found in their reality. Stefan has developed an eye for painting elegant graphic design and fantastic three-dimensional compositions. Stefan’s painting is different from the 20th century’s modernism and avant-gardism. He can bring to his work tastes of Boomer pop art and shares much of the slick smoothness, bright hyper-realism, and reflective surfaces of the Millennials. The Z painters’ aesthetic emerges from the combination of all these sources. This makes Stefan’s art extraordinarily fresh and new.

His work is a celebration of art today once you see this and appreciate this in Stefan’s work, welcome to a new world master.