About Stefan Kater

Art by Stefan Kater

Stefan’s painting in this exhibition pays homage to Ned Kelly and the pop art scene. He never stops painting  always creating something new and exciting. ‘Look at Me’.

Back ground

Stefan Kater, Swiss-born Artist now residing in Sydney, has had a serendipitous introduction into the world of art. Stefan being profoundly deaf (by an accident), his mother encouraged him to replicate drawings from picture books and so he cultivated a skill in communication through art, rather than words.

Since completing a Degree in Fine Arts, Stefan has had his illustrations featured in a book, “Sound Warp”, (1991) and achieved finalist status in the Archibald Prize both in 1976 and 2015. Stefan teaches children art through workshops and leads tours of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA), using the deaf Community’s preferred language; Auslan.

Stefan’s work creates emotional intrigue where the eyes and body language of his subject tells a story and leaves us wanting to know more. The impact of the core emotion stirred by his work, is lightened by his inclusion of geometric clean lines, fresh colours and use of contrast.

Stefan’s work creates a sense of pleasure and hope. His styles pay homage to the greatest artists and in embracing them he puts his own creative signature in his work.

The painting ‘A Prince’ pays homage to Black Lives Matter.