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© Stefan Kater

A Prince

By Stefan Kater


Medium: acrylic paint

Artwork Size: $3000

$3000 © Stefan Kater

Artist Statement:

You will notice in my paintings I often add a series of thin white strokes. This is usually done against a black background to give a striking contrast.
It also allows the viewer a different way to experience my art, depending on how close or far away they are standing. The white lines add an almost 3D element to my work, it creates movement and flow, and for some can give across a warped feeling.
Some people liken my work to Indigenous art; however, this is not the artistic style I am creating. I am heavily inspired and influenced by Van Gogh. I love the way his artworks such as ‘The Starry Night’ 1889 and ‘Dr Gachet’ 1890, create a soft rhythmic movement and leads the viewers eyes around the piece of art. One might say I am born again for Vincent Van Gogh!!

Stefan Kater