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Classic Still Life

By Stefan Kater


Medium: acrylic paint

Artwork Size: 620mm x 720mm Price $1000

This work by Stefan Kater holds the principles of a formal analysis for a Still Life painting.

We see painterly and linear forms. The painterly form is more elusive – attention is withdrawn from the edges, outlines are de-emphasized, it has a softer appearance, assisted with the light. In contrast the linear form emphasises the outline of the bottle giving it a special clarity and spatial separation in relation to the other objects.

This creates an absolute and relative clarity, here we see an independent unit, the bottle painted in an explicit and articulated form, with the work perceived in which other individual elements are less clearly articulated, yet it sits perfectly as one composition.

The tour de force in this painting is the light and shade. This is a unique use of the Australian palette. The strong reds and yellows with an ochre colour could be placed nowhere else but in Australia and therefore this is a first in a Still Life painting, ‘Classic Still Life’ by Stefan Kater.