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Green Natural Landscape

By Stefan Kater


Medium: acrylic paint

Artwork Size: d 86cm x w 80cm

‘Green Natural Landscape’             $850

The formal analysis of a painting is not divorced from the contextual analysis. This is because you standing in front of the painting provides a context. It can be interpreted in what you bring to it, what you love, your life experience.

Today the South Coast of New South Wales is lush plush green. This growth has not been seen for years following a long period of drought. We almost forgot what a ‘Green Natural Landscape’ looks like. Stefan has captured this beautifully in his painting. The green on so many levels, the blue of the water, the colour and movement that only nature can throw at us.

Thank goodness the drought has ended, not only do we love the ‘Sunburnt Country’, but we love all the  gifts of nature.